There was nothing scripted about this fight.

Woody Harrelson punched a man who lunged at him at the Watergate Hotel’s rooftop bar Wednesday (Oct 6) night in Washington, DC, police said.

The Cheers star, 60, was not injured during the incident, the Washington Post reported.

Cops said the unidentified man was snapping pictures of Harrelson and one of his daughters, according to the Post. Harrelson asked the man to stop.

Police said the man was the aggressor and attempted to grab Harrelson by the neck, the Post reported. He fell short when Harrelson punched him in the face, according to witnesses.

The antagonist returned to his room after losing the fight, police said. He has not yet been charged with a crime. Harrelson is not expected to face charges, the Post reported.

Harrelson is in DC working on an upcoming film, The White House Plumbers, that focuses on the Watergate scandal. Harrelson plays E Howard Hunt, the man who organised the break-in at the same hotel where Harrelson won the Wednesday night fight. – dpa

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