Antwain Fowler, the little boy whose videotaped plea-demand combination “Where we bout to eat at?” became a viral YouTube sensation, has died at age 6.

A cause of death was not given, but he suffered from a rare immune disorder that prevented his body from absorbing nutrients.

Diagnosed soon after birth, Antwain had had 25 surgeries and at the end of his life needed a tracheotomy as he healed from a collapsed lung. His mother, China, posted her heartbreak and agony on Instagram.

“You couldn’t tell him he wasn’t famous, that’s all he told people he came in contact with the first thing,” she wrote, adding that his stock intro remark was, “You know I’m famous,” followed by exhortations to follow Instagram and YouTube.

The video that made him famous has garnered nearly 25 million views since first being posted in 2019.

“Jesus I can’t!!!” she wrote.

In post after post, she tried to process the loss, and couldn’t. On Monday (Nov 22) she shared a selfie of herself and her late son.

“I tried hiding you from the world early on but couldn’t; you were meant to be seen,” the bereaved mum wrote on Antwain’s World, the Instagram account she kept for her son.

“My precious babyyyyy. My god, I just cannot believe it. This is unbelievable, man. I’m tryin soooooo hard so so hard but I can’t dodge the feeling… God you really did a number on me I didn’t deserve to be left empty like this A huge whole in my heart the strength I had left with you baby Still haven’t grasped the fact that you actually left me Baby. Come back, I need you!”

Almost since birth Antwain had been afflicted with autoimmune enteropathy, a rare disorder in which the immune system damages the lining of the intestines, according to Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia. Symptoms tend to show up soon after birth.

In Antwain’s case the disorder had necessitated five surgeries, and it was after one hospital stay that he blurted out his famous phrase. It was just a four-second video that she shot of him, but it hit the internet on its collective funny bone. – New York Daily News/Tribune News Service

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