A Michigan man only had his newly purchased car for two days when he discovered it was being tracked with an Apple Air Tag tracker that he found under the car, a news report said.

According to a report by Fox 2 News, John Nelson explained that the car he had purchased the week prior was a “392 Scat Pack 2018 Charger”. It’s a fast car, and the news report noted that Dodge models like that “are hot” – “making them targets”.

The tracker was discovered last week, two days after Nelson has purchased the Charger. He had driven to an Auburn Hills shopping center in southeast Michigan, had shopped for two hours, and then went to a friend’s house. It was when he got out of the vehicle that he saw a notification on his phone that said he “was being tracked by an unknown air tag”, Fox 2 stated.

By clicking on that notification, Nelson said he was given an option to have the air tag emit a sound, which he heard coming from underneath his vehicle. Someone had placed the tracker under the trunk of his car by unscrewing a drain and slipping the tag inside, the news report stated.

An Apple Air Tag can be placed anywhere, and they’ll track, via Bluetooth to a phone, whatever they’re stuck onto. Currently, they can be purchased at four for US$100 (RM423), the news report explained.

When Fox 2 asked Nelson what he thought the person was up to, he replied: “Scrap for parts, that’s the biggest thing in Detroit right now,” he said.

“If they want it bad enough, they’re going to take it,” Nelson said.

A local auto theft task force told Fox 2 that they’re seeing more of these trackers, used by thieves to track the target vehicle in order to “pick the most opportune time to steal” – and found “mostly on Dodge products, parked in mall parking lots,” the report said. – pennlive.com/Tribune News Service

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