KOTA TINGGI: A group of fourteen foreigners’ attempted to enter the country illegally but were thwarted by the army.

The Third Malaysian Infantry Division headquarters said its Maritime Surveillance Radar System picked up a boat heading towards Teluk Punggai here at around 2am on Wednesday (Nov 24).

“At around 3.30am, an observation post personnel noticed people stepping out of the boat and into the water before moving towards the shore.

“A team of Quick Reaction Force and a drone unit rushed to the location and hauled up nine of them.

“Continued pursuit led to the arrest of another five immigrants, bringing the total to 14,” it said, adding that eight of them were men.

Along with the arrests, the division seized RM1,635 in Indonesian currency, 11 mobile phones and some jewellery.

The suspects, aged 20 to 45 years old, also underwent a Covid-19 test where all of them tested negative, the statement said, adding that the suspects were handed to the Immigration Department for following actions.

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