BLACKPINK’S Lisa recently released her single LALISA and has been on a roll since her solo debut. However, some fans are disappointed to find that their idol seemingly appropriated another culture that’s not her own.

On the cover of her second track Money, Lisa sported a braided hairstyle similar to box braids, which is a popular Black hairstyle.

According to Sportskeeda, a fan recently took time out of a video call with Lisa to confront the K-pop singer about the issue that has been on their minds.

During the fan meet, Lisa took the time to listen and immediately apologised to her fans.

“I didn’t know. I didn’t have, like, bad intentions. I thought the hairstyle was very cool,” Lisa said in English.

“I feel bad. I’m very sorry … I’ll be very, you know, like, joshimhae? Careful from now on,” she added.

“Joshimhae” means “to be careful” in Korean.

According to several reports, it’s not the first time Lisa has been accused of cultural appropriation. In BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love music video, Lisa was seen in pigtails but they were braided in box braids style again.

Due to this, fans are divided about the issue. While some fans have forgiven Lisa, there are also fans who find it hard to believe her apology.

Hopefully, the stylists of BLACKPINK will be mindful from now on.

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