Announced at the press conference on Oct 4, 2021, was the launch of possibly the highest-invested movie ever in Malaysian history, The Catcher, in collaboration with Labuan Overseas Holding, and Robotz, and produced by Hundred Years Popcorn Production.

The movie aims to boost the tourism industry in Malaysia that’s been hit hard during the pandemic.

“We shall utilise the distinctive attributes of a certain brand and its historical business value to develop Intellectual Properties (IPs) with high-value accreditation, based on racing car performance brands that can be spun-off into brand-licensed hotels, auto city, petrol stations, theme parks, etc.” said Ong Peng Chu, founder of Hundred Years Popcorn Production.

With a budget of more than RM50mil, The Catcher is set to the lifestyle and culture of car modification aficionados in Malaysia.

The movie follows the story of a talented young village boy who works hard to defeat opponents from all around the world with heavily modified performance supercars.

The film will be featuring some 500 supercars throughout the movie.

Datuk Sri Jeffrey Teoh, founder of Robotz, said: “Supercars are loved by everyone, from any stature or background. As supercar junkies, each of us at Robotz has always been inspired by Vin Diesel’s successful Fast & Furious movie franchise, we hope to emulate the brilliance these movies hold.

“Our involvement in making history through this record-breaking film brings great joy and pride to every single one of us.”

The script for the movie is set to be finalised and casting will soon begin as well. Production for The Catcher is scheduled for 2022 with expected completion in the year 2023. – Bernama

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