CAP France BAT

Construction 7

In 1978, CAP France BAT first emerged in Paris, France specializing activities in Electro-Mechanical Contracting company with an initial 25 manpower as its workforce. The Company has made its name discernable in the market after a remarkable fast-tracked accomplishment of projects and resorts execution. The Company’s projects’ scopes in France were in Commercial and Conference Centers. At this time, CAP France has developed and established its business trade in Building Construction Management. CAP France ventures in tertiary construction sectors in public and commercial projects for institutions, and industries. With an intention of diversifying the company’s construction activity, CAP France has entered into design and installation for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning. The Company did not restrict its services to construction activities but further expanded to providing project management, coordination and export projects procurement.

From: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



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