KUALA LUMPUR: The government does not intend to monitor the public with large-scale roadblocks anymore, even if it means individuals taking advantage of it to flout Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOP).

When asked if the government plans to compel unvaccinated travellers to take tests before going interstate, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said it would be an unviable thing to do.

“We cannot be having roadblocks and checking all travellers one by one to see if they are vaccinated. And then if they are not, ask each one of them to take a test?

“It’s not viable. It will also cause a traffic jam and only anger people who only want to return to their hometowns after not being able to do so for a long time.

“Interstate travel is not the same as the Langkawi travel bubble where the number of entry points is controlled.

“As we transition towards the endemic phase, it is upon ourselves to be honest and responsible.

“This is not a case of the government trying to wash our hands off. The police will still be conducting random checks on the ground under Ops Patuh to enforce SOP compliance,” said Khairy at a press conference at Hospital Kuala Lumpur after a working visit there on Thursday (Oct 7).

Khairy said even if an unvaccinated individual manages to cross borders, their movement will still be limited because of their vaccination status.

“If they travel into another state, and they try to dine-in, they can’t. And if they manage to, there will be police conducting random checks. If the unvaccinated are caught dining-in, they and the premises owner can be punished.

“Eventually, the law catches up to you,” said Khairy.

The government is expected to allow interstate travel once 90% of Malaysia’s adult population are fully vaccinated.

As of Oct 6, 88.8% of adults have completed their Covid-19 jabs and the 90% threshold is expected to be reached in the coming days.

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