In most states, tailgating is a misdemeanor crime. Tailgating is the act of driving too closely behind another motor vehicle or parking too close to it. It can be dangerous as the driver may not have enough time to brake for sudden movements in front of their car. 

It’s best to keep at least ten feet between you and the car in front of you when possible, but five feet should be sufficient if they are going slower than normal. If your state defines tailgating as a misdemeanor offense with penalties such as fines or community service hours, call 911 immediately after an incident occurs so that law enforcement can investigate and issue citations accordingly. 

In some cases where someone has been injured due to tailgating, the driver may be charged with a felony. It may occur if there is reason to believe it was an intentional act on behalf of the tailgater. They were acting in some way negligent, like texting behind the wheel before making contact with another vehicle.

1. Call 911

Call 911 immediately after a tailgating car accident has occurred. The police will investigate the scene of an accident, determine who was at fault in causing it, and whether or not charges should be brought against them. It will help determine how serious the charges should be against the tailgating driver, which will impact their future driving record. A police report is essential for insurance purposes to know how much coverage you have if an accident happens.

You can also file a report with your car insurance company for any damages incurred during the crash, which they may help pay for if you have selected collision coverage on your policy

2. Gather Evidence

When you are involved in an accident, the first thing that you should do is to take pictures of your car and any damages sustained. If there were no other passengers or drivers around at the time of the crash, ask for their contact information so that you can tell them what happened later on when they have returned from wherever it was that they were going.

It is crucial to get the contact information of independent witnesses who can verify that you were tailgating when your accident occurred. It will hold more weight in court later on if it comes down to filing a lawsuit against the other driver for damages after injuries sustained during an accident. Furthermore, make sure that you take pictures and document everything you can about your injuries and the costs of any damages to your car, as this will help your lawyer determine how much money they should ask for in court.

If you are involved in a tailgating car accident in Florida due to someone else’s negligence, contacting a car accident lawyer is in your best interest. Tailgating car accident lawyers in Tampa, Florida will help you through the legal process. They will ensure you receive the right compensation for injuries caused by someone else’s wrongdoing.

A lawyer is the best person to talk to after you have had an accident. They will be able to give you advice and guide you through the process of protecting your rights, such as filing a lawsuit against the other driver for damages sustained during the crash. 

4. Seek Medical Attention

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, the first thing that you need to do is seek medical attention for any wounds or pains. If there were no other passengers around who could help drive you to get checked out by a doctor, call an ambulance immediately so that they can take you to the hospital and provide treatment accordingly.

It’s also important to document your injuries so that you can later prove in court if it comes down to filing a lawsuit against the other driver for damages after an accident where they were driving erratically and tailgating. 

Take pictures of any cuts, bruises, or swelling that occurred during the crash and all medical expenses associated with treating your injuries.

5. Review the Police 

Request a copy of any police reports filed. You can do this by calling your local police department and asking them for records regarding the responding officer on the case. 

If any errors on the record indicate that another car wasn’t at fault for causing a collision, make sure to request that they be corrected so that your insurance company can have a more accurate understanding of who was tailgating and at fault for causing an accident.

Reviewing the police crash report is vital because it will help you understand how to protect your rights when filing a lawsuit against the other driver for damages after injuries sustained in an accident where they were driving erratically and tailgating. 

Therefore, make sure that you review the report to understand better what happened during your accident. So that later on, when it comes time to file an insurance claim for injuries after car accidents where someone was driving erratically and tailgating, you can prove who is at fault in court if they try denying responsibility for causing the accident.

6. Do Not Admit Fault

If you are involved in a tailgating car accident, it is essential to protect your rights by not admitting fault. This may seem counter-intuitive, but if you admit fault after a tailgating incident, then you could lose all of your legal rights to file a claim for damages. 

Although this seems like common sense, many people do not understand the consequences of their actions following an automobile accident and end up making themselves appear as guilty as possible when they should be protecting themselves instead. 

To fully protect yourself from any liability or responsibility for an accident, here are three things you should never say: “I’m sorry”; “It was my fault”; and “I’ll pay for everything.”

Effective Tips on How to Protect Your Rights After a Tailgating Car Accident - Alvinology

Protecting your rights after a tailgating car accident is vital to ensure that you don’t suffer more injuries and damages than necessary. By following these tips, you’ll be able to get the help of medical professionals. And an insurance company so that they can file claims on your behalf to recover any lost wages or other expenses associated with taking care of yourself after an accident where someone was driving erratically and tailgating.

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