1. Will there be any charges?

If the submission of nominee is individual, the submission is free of charge. If the submission of nominee is a company, the submission will have a charges of SGD50 per nominee.

2. Can a submitted website/mobile application be in other language beside English?

The website/mobile application MUST consist of English language in order the judges to understand.

3. Can nominee submit more than 1 nomination?

Yes. Nominee can submit as many artworks he/she want.

4. How would I know my artwork will be the accepted?

All received artworks will be display at our website ( after a week we receive the nomination.

5. Can I withdraw my nomination after my submission?

Yes, you can withdraw anytime by sending an email with the title “Withdrawing from TechEX Asia Award 2020” to

6. Will there be a refund of the registration fee after withdrawal?

There will be no refund of the registration fee if we receive the withdrawal email.

You may reach us at if you have other enquiries.