Rather than downloading a specific app to tune a guitar, musicians can now turn to Google Search and its chromatic tuner feature.

Android Police reported that the new feature is available on both mobile and desktop, as long as the device has a browser and microphone.

To access it, just search for “Google Tuner” and grant the required microphone access permissions.

However, Android Police cautioned that the accuracy of the feature may vary depending on the device’s recording quality, having faced some issues with picking up sound with the smartphone they tested it on.

A chromatic tuner is typically a tool – whether a device or software – used to detect and display the pitch of notes played on a musical instrument, enabling users to tune their instrument so that it isn’t off pitch.

Google’s chromatic tuner has a visual indicator that will state what note is being played and which way to tune it to correct it.

In case the device is having trouble detecting audio, it will display the message “your microphone levels may be too low. Check them and try again”.

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