All hell breaks loose as new Korean drama Hellbound, a fantasy and horror series starring Yoo Ah In, topped the chart as the most-viewed on the streaming platform around the world on the day of its debut.

The series went straight to the top of the list of global TV series on Netflix from the day of its release on Nov 19.

Soon after its debut, the new series topped the chart in 24 countries including Belgium, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Morocco, and holds second place in France and India and third place in the United States and Germany.

The series was conceptualised and directed by Yeon Sang Ho, who is popularly known for hit movies like Train to Busan and the Peninsula series.

Apart from Yoo, the series stars Park Jung Min, Kim Hyun Joo and Won Jin Ah.

The plot revolves around a religious group based on the idea of divine justice, resulting in social chaos.

The drama beats the record of Squid Game, another popular drama series that topped the same chart only, eight days after its debut.

Currently, Squid Game holds second place in the chart, following Hellbound.

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