KUALA LUMPUR: The Home Ministry has proposed that people from Bangladesh, the Philippines and Indonesia can be allowed to work as security guards, says Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin.

“We will look into it once we have held an engagement with industry players, the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Defence Ministry,” he said when speaking to reporters after launching a meeting between the Home Ministry and security services industry players on Thursday (Nov 25).

“There were also suggestions to take workers from India as well. We have to conduct an in-depth study before we make any announcement,” added Hamzah.

He said they had to hold discussions with the relevant ministries and agencies to ensure there were no issues cropping up.

“When it comes to security we must ensure that those who are brought in want to work here. We have to be very sensitive on this issue,” he said.

Hamzah also said that he met with the Prime Minister on Wednesday on the report card over the Home Ministry’s 100 days.

“We have chosen three cores which we will be focusing our efforts on, and one of them is the General Operations Force (GOF). There are GOF posts around our borders and we are going to make them function like police stations,” said Hamzah

“People in these rural areas can go to these posts to report cases and they will refer these cases to the relevant police headquarters,” he added.

He said the second core highlighted was the System Mortality Integration Data Validation (SPDIM), a smart system partnership it has with the police.

“The SPDIM system simplifies the death verification process so that people don’t experience waiting in long lines when reporting a death,” said Hamzah.

“Through the SPDIM, they can report the death at a police station and then all relevant documents will be given to them there so that they only need to go to the National Registration Department to collect the death certificate,” he added

Hamzah said the third core which would be focused on was to make E-Visa applications available to visitors from at least 35 countries.

“For now it is only available to 10 countries and those who are not from these ten countries would have to travel to the nearest embassy in order to apply for a Visa” said Hamzah

“We want to open e-visas to at least 35 countries as this will help spur economic growth via our tourism sector,” he added.

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