KUALA LUMPUR: The Industry Code of Practice on Indoor Air Quality (ICOP IAQ) 2010 is being amended to take into account measures to reduce Covid-19 transmission, the Human Resources Ministry told Parliament.

In a written reply on Tuesday (Nov 23), the Human Resources Ministry also said the ICOP IAQ 2010 is currently enforced by the Department of Occupational Health and Safety (DOSH).

The ministry was responding to Charles Santiago (PH-Klang), who asked whether the government intends to amend laws to regulate ventilation systems at workplaces to prevent Covid-19 transmission.

The ministry also said that together with DOSH, it recently released a ventilation and indoor quality guide to educate the public on the need for adequate ventilation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ministry also said it recently held a briefing session on the guide with 3,000 participants consisting of employers and stakeholders.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) updated its Q&A page in April to include how aerosols can lead to long-range transmission of Covid-19 in poorly ventilated areas.

“Current evidence suggests that the virus spreads mainly between people who are in close contact with each other, typically within one metre (short range). A person can be infected when aerosols or droplets containing the virus are inhaled or come directly into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth.

“The virus can also spread in poorly ventilated and/or crowded indoor settings, where people tend to spend longer periods of time. This is because aerosols remain suspended in the air or travel farther than one metre (long range), ” it said.

In Singapore, the authorities have issued guidelines on ways to improve ventilation and air quality to curb the spread of Covid-19.

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