Aespa’s Karina recently brought her fans on a tour through the city she loved the most, Seoul, the capital city of South Korea on the Travel Diary: Soul, Seoul show.

“Let’s go to Seoul, where the past and present co-exist,“ said Karina, before introducing fans to the first destination, Changggyeong Palace.

She explained that the palace often appeared in historical dramas.

To experience the history of the palace, Karina recommended that viewers should dress up in the traditional Korean Hanbok.

She brought the viewers to a traditional Hanbok rental shop, near the palace, where fans can pick Hanbok outfits which suit their tastes.

Karina picked a white and pink dress and she looked graceful wearing the delicate Hanbok. “(Even though) it’s not a special day, it was a unique experience. I enjoy being a princess from the Joseon era,“ she said.

Karina also brought the fans to the Seoul Museum of Craft Art, where artworks ranging from traditional to modern from the various eras are exhibited.

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