While Taman Negara in Pahang is usually the top choice for an all-round nature trip in Peninsular Malaysia, a little known park nearby is also worth visiting.

Located on the fringes of the national park, the Kenong Eco Forest Park has its fair share of lush tropical offerings.

There is a wide range of activities you can do at Kenong, including camping, picnicking and swimming. There’s also a seven-tier waterfall that you can explore.

You may even be able to fish at this park, but only at designated areas.

The Kenong Eco Forest Park is popular among spelunking enthusiasts, as there are a handful of mysterious limestone caves around to check out. The park houses a complex network of caves with unique geological formations; Gua Batu Tinggi is the most popular, as it is uniquely shaped.

Other caves in the area worth exploring are Gua Batu Telahup, Gua Kesung, Gua Hijau and Gua Harimau. Some caves are relatively easy to tackle while others will require a bit more expertise.

If you’re lucky, you may also come across some animals like porcupines and deer; if you’re even luckier you may just see bigger creatures like elephants and tapirs – remember not to come near any of these animals for whatever reason. In fact, try to keep quiet and steer clear (or keep out of sight) as soon as you catch a glimpse of them.

For birdwatching fans, you may be interested to know that there are over 200 species of wild birds in this park. This includes hornbills, sea eagles and the singing Murai Batu.

The forest is thick with vegetation and plants like wild orchids and magnificent tualang trees are a-plenty here.

Want more adventure? Hike up to either Bukit Kesung or Gunung Batu Putih, or both.

You can get to the park via Karak Highway (if you’re coming from the Klang Valley) or take the train. Just disembark at the Kuala Lipis Railway station, and take a 20-minute boat ride from the Sungai Jelai Jetty to the Tanjung Kiara Jetty.

Remember to apply for a permit from the forestry department before your trip, especially if you plan to have a picnic, or camp overnight.

Do ask the officials for information on the latest SOP too, as they may update it from time to time.

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