Projek limina is a new public art series at KongsiKL that reads your heart rate in real-time and visualises it through sound and light.

It is a project by Seni Tiga Lab:Unit C which is taking place on Dec 17 and 18 (8pm-10pm).

Visitors are encouraged to actively participate in this self-orchestrated light installation and soundscape experience.

“The project is an ongoing experiment in discovering the human body as a storytelling device, binding our personal experiences and our immediate environment through objects and systems,” says Chan Hui Sim, one of Unit C’s front stage members.

The reactive installation work consists of six interactive spheres hidden by 1,000 white and translucent balloons and a floor space packed with 500 folded pyramids circling around KongsiKL.

“It is a work-in-progress and this first chapter would be an expression of the changing relationship between self-awareness and collective memories,” adds Chan, a performance/architectural designer.

This free admission event promises an otherworldly experience for visitors. An isolation booth lets you watch a five-minute video. Your heart rate data (input) is then collected, translated, and visualised via the sculpture’s soundscapes and visuals.

Projek limina is the third edition of Seni Tiga Lab, a laboratory iteration of Kongsi Petak’s multidisciplinary show Seni Tiga supported by the Cultural Economy Development Agency’s (Cendana) Arts Organisation Resilience Fund and the Boh Relief Fund.

Unit C is mentored by musician/sound artist Jimmy Chong. It consists of three front stage members: Chan, visual artist/graphic designer Alisson Chiew and ambient musician/designer Alvin Seah. The backbone members are artist/architect Amber Goh, multidisciplinary artist/shadowdancer Lena Lim, animator Jia Yen Low, musician/sound artist Tai Yōu Yeoh and VerSes Music Ensembles founder Scott Woo.

The team members started their creative journey in August and spent four months researching this project.

Projek limina will also be complemented with a series of performances, including Cycle of Emotions: solemn – happy (Dec 17, 10pm). It will also be streamed on KongsiKL’s Youtube channel. It features guest performer YS Tang (classical guitar), Darrel Chan (countertenor) and VerSes Acapella.

The Greyzone: as in-between space will be presented live at KongsiKL on Dec 18 (8pm). The line-up features Chong, Lim, Seah and Tai.

More details here.

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