KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia recorded 58,742 units of new vehicle sales in November 2021, up 1.94% from 57,622 units in the same month last year, the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) said.

In its monthly update, MAA said the year-to-date sales volume for November 2021 was 4% lower to 441,136 units from 459,336 units in the same period a year ago.

MAA said sales of passenger vehicles in November 2021 rose to 52,601 units from 52,289 units in November 2020, while sales of commercial vehicles rose to 6,141 units from 5,333 units previously.

MAA said the total industry volume (TIV) for November 2021 was 7.5% lower than October 2021 which was at 63,489 units only.

“Shortage of chips and some parts had affected the production of certain make,” MAA said.

It added that consumers may have deferred the purchase of new vehicles since the sales tax exemption incentive has been extended till June 30, 2022.

In terms of total production, 58,079 vehicles were produced in November 2021 compared with 54,832 units in November 2020.

On the outlook, MAA said sales in December 2021 are expected to be maintained at November 2021 level as companies’ year-end promotional campaigns spur sales and companies ramp up deliveries of vehicles to fulfil backlog orders especially for those with the financial year ending December 2021.

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