THERE have been plenty of cases of school bullying in Malaysia, with most cases taking place at a boarding school. Many Malaysians have recently come forward to share their experiences on social media.

One man who wishes to remain anonymous revealed the bullying he endured as a student when he was in boarding school. In a Facebook post, he detailed one incident which traumatised him.

He wrote: “One day, a group of boys tied a thread to my genitals and tied the other end to a ceiling fan.

“At one point, the fan switched from Level 3 to Level 4, and I had to run fast to keep up with the [speed] and when I got tired of running, the thread cut off and I was wounded.”

He then told his tormentors that he wouldn’t forgive them until the end of time, and that they would definitely get punished one day.

He also expressed his sorrow over the recent viral bullying incident at the Sultan Azlan Shah Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) in Kuala Kangsar, saying it was saddening to see how the young victim was treated.

He urged parents who send their children to boarding schools to make sure that their kids are doing well academically, and that they should call and check in on them once they get home.

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