MELAKA: Melaka DAP will hold an emergency meeting and attempt to persuade Datuk Tey Kok Kiew to rescind his decision to step down as state chairman.

Kota Melaka MP and the party’s Melaka election director Khoo Poay Tiong said there were branches that wanted Tey to retract his resignation letter.

He said the meeting would be held on Sunday (Nov 21).

However, a branch committee member who requested anonymity, said he would not support the motion to persuade to Tey retract his resignation.

“Tey has already announced it and it will not look good for him (to rescind the decision).

“It is best to replace him with the assemblyman who garners the highest majority in the polls,” he said.

Tey decided to step down as the state DAP chief after the party won only four out of eight seats it contested in the Nov 20 Melaka polls.

He said as state party chief, he must be responsible for the results of the election.

Tey failed to defend Bemban and managed to secure 3,095 votes, losing to Perikatan Nasional’s Yadzil Yaakub who won with 4,211 votes in the five-cornered fight.

He said the decision to quit was a personal choice and he would remain with the party as a member.

Tey was accused of orchestrating the “Melaka Move” when four assemblymen defected from the then-Perikatan Nasional/Barisan Nasional-led state government on Oct 4.

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