MELAKA: A day after polling day, the electorate here indicated why they opted to vote the way they did.

Businessman Datuk Chew Chert Fong, 41, said his family had wished for a stable government “just like the good old days”.

“I am sure many in the business community also supported Barisan Nasional this time around, especially after the tumultuous period of the pandemic,” he said.

Chew said Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali and Melaka MCA chairman Datuk Lim Ban Hong had reached out to businessmen who were impacted by the pandemic.

“I was touched by their gestures,” he added.

Ching Jinn Hua, who is a 46-year-old voter from Bandar Hilir, said that the Chief Minister’s secretary, Datuk Wira MS Mahadevan, had helped many eateries to appeal in reducing the quantum of compound notices issued to them for violating the standard operating procedure during the previous movement control order.

Mahadevan is also the Melaka MIC chairman.

“He went all out to appeal to the relevant authorities to reduce the fine as well as helping these eateries to extend operating hours during MCO,” said Ching.

As for Duyong voter Hasny Abu Bakar, he said many locals were disheartened with the name-calling and mud-slinging.

“Everyone makes mistakes but don’t go overboard with online shaming,” he said.

“All these factors had influenced the pattern of the votes and no one can accuse us of taking cash incentives for voting the way we did,” said Hasny, 37.

A voter in Klebang, Mazlan Hamid, 52, said Pakatan Harapan should do a post-mortem on why they did not get backing from Melaka voters as projected.

Alef Md Hussin, 39, who voted in Paya Rumput, said voters had rejected the “loud mouths.”

Voters spurned election contenders who did not show humility, he added.

Lawyer James Thanjung Tuan, who was involved as an observer in the polls, echoed the same sentiment.

He said voters had spoken to him about campaign teams that arrived in “fancy vehicles”.

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