Christmas celebrations were held by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia for more than 30 children from Rumah KIDS (Kanak-kanak Ini DiSayangi) in the 11th running of the company’s annual initiative, “Christmas in A Shoebox” that was held at the Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club.

Held in conjunction with the Nicol David Organisation, the children from Rumah KIDS were chauffeured to the venue by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia staff, where the children were hosted for a variety of activities as part of the celebrations.

“This is a new beginning for NDO and myself to give back to the local community and to share the knowledge that I gained from my squash career. Through this platform and with the support of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, I believe we can together create an impact to nurture the next generation,” said Datuk Nicol David, former world number one-ranked squash player and founder of the Nicol David Organisation.

“Children bring so much joy into our lives and they are our future. We are committed to nurturing and empowering these little ones and hope to support them as much as possible to build a better tomorrow, and we’re glad to be able to organise this with Datuk Nicol David through her new organisation,” said Mercedes-Benz Malaysia president and CEO Sagree Sardien.

The proceedings also saw a special appearance by Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, respectively played by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia VP of sales and marketing Michael Jopp and Sagree Sardien, having arrived bearing gifts for the chlildren in attendance.

The collaboration is the first between Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and the Nicol David Organisation, with more to come from the partnership in 2022.

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