IPOH: Business communities in the state are all excited that interstate travel is going to be allowed soon.

Perak Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Datuk Muhammad Muhiyuddin Abdullah said the opening of state borders would be good for the mobilisation of services, goods and people.

Muhammad, who is also the president of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Malaysia, said it was always better to meet people face-to-face when carrying out business deals, as this had been proven to be more effective.

“With the possibility of state borders opening soon, the mobilisation of labour will also be possible, and more business activities will take off.

“Also, with the opening of more sectors such as agriculture, tourism, food, and industries, it will be a multiplying factor.

“Businesses involving small and medium enterprises will also start moving, and this is not only good news for Perak but the entire nation,” he added.

Perak Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry president Datuk Liew Chee Ming said it has been more than a year that the business community has been suffering and many businesses had been affected by the restrictions under the movement control order.

“With the opening of state borders, it will definitely do good for the business community,” he said.

“Now with the Covid-19 cases dropping as well, the opening of interstate travel will definitely boost the state’s economy.”

Ipoh Little India Traders Association president Kala Balasubramaniam said with Deepavali next month, it would be good if the state borders were open soon.

She said traders were suffering due to slow business with at least 10 shops closed down.

“Before the pandemic, people used to travel to India to purchase items for the festive period.

“But now that they are unable to do so, it will be good if the borders are opened and people can shop locally instead,” she said.

“Many have realised that they can get whatever items (they need) in Little India here, as the shops are all situated close by.”

Kala said she still has high hopes that people would come to visit the shops here to do their festive shopping this year.

“However, this year there will be no carnival at Little India, as we do not want to start a Covid-19 cluster here.

“No matter what, we must still follow the standard operating procedure to keep safe and a carnival is something not advisable with the pandemic,” she added.

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers vice-president Datuk Gan Tack Kong said the possibility of interstate travel being allowed this weekend was great news.

“Not only will the lifting of the travel ban be good for the manufacturing sector, but also the tourism industry.

“I also hope Perak will move to Phase Three of the National Recovery Plan by this weekend as well,” said Gan.

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