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I am 12 years old, and I love all of my three dogs. Their names are Rudy, Roy and Rio, but Rudy is special. He was the first dog I ever owned.

I found Rudy in the streets when he was a tiny puppy (he is a mongrel). My father rescued him and I took him in as my birthday gift when I turned 10.

Rudy is two years old. His birthday is on Jan 15. We always celebrate his birthday. He is my best friend in the whole world. He is also my furry “brother”, a member of the family, and the dog that gives me the most trouble.

He plays a large part in my life. How? Well, a dog is known as man’s best friend. A dog’s qualities are pure. Dogs are said to be loyal and devoted, and supposedly more trustworthy than some human beings. The dog is also said to love its owner more than itself.

Before the movement control order (MCO), Rudy would always be the first one to come and greet me when I came back from school.

To be honest, it was hard to take care of him, so my grandfather helped to feed him twice a day, shower him, and take him for walks. Ever since then, Rudy would hang out with my grandfather. Rudy’s playtime is usually after five o’clock. He doesn’t know many tricks but he can jump high up into the air, and play football. He is fast as well, and can catch biscuits with his mouth when we throw them to him.

Rudy has destroyed most of my brother’s footballs, my family’s shoes – and the list goes on. The main reason my brothers and I go outside to play or do outdoor activities is because of the dogs.

I have two other dogs that my brothers take care of.

Rio was also rescued from the streets, like Rudy. Rio was also rescued from the streets, like Rudy.

Rudy got very jealous when our family stopped paying attention to him, so he changed his behaviour and he stopped playing with us. But I always try my best to call him to play.

My family gives him shelter, healthy food and unconditional love, but whenever he hears the front gate being opened, he just sprints out, and the next thing you know, my family would be out in the neighbourhood searching for him. We worry that he might attack someone because, when he sees strangers or other pets, he turns wild. My father calls Rudy an onion, based on the character from the movie The Onion, because of his mood swings. You really don’t know when he will be playful or moody.

Rudy has quality sleep time in the day and stays awake at night, although sometimes he sleeps whenever he likes. So, dogs make very reliable guards for the house. It is one of the common reasons to adopt a dog. Dogs are the safest security method of all, but when Rudy hears firecrackers or thunder, he is terrified and comes running into the house.

Rudy is not a fan of the rain either. Whenever it rains, he would also come inside the house. My mum is kind enough to let him stay in the kitchen until the rain stops. Rudy can sometimes be a scaredy-cat but, at other times, he is a brave dog.

To sum it up, we love Rudy Boy. He means the world to me. No matter what he does, I am never going to stop loving him.

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