GEORGE TOWN: With the issue of an expensive siakap fish dish in Langkawi barely subsided, a famous nasi kandar restaurant in Penang has been told to furnish details of the cost price for its fried squid.

Hameediyah Restaurant director Mohd Riyazz Syed Ibrahim said the Penang Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry had told them to furnish details by Thursday (Nov 25) to assess the next course of action.

“We explained that the fried squid price was ‘according to size’ and displayed on the board.

“The customer had the right not to buy even after it was packed,” said Mohd Riyazz.

“However the Department told us to look at describing the size and displaying the price accordingly, rather than just say ‘according to size’,” he said.

A social media post of a bill from the restaurant had gone viral, with two pieces of fried squid priced at RM100.

“The customer did not say anything when given the bill and he paid for it,” he said.

“These are large squid priced between RM50 to RM60 each and are freshly frozen from local suppliers.

Mohd Riyazz said the restaurant had been selling the squid since last year and this was the first time they have faced such an issue.

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