KUALA LUMPUR: Online merchants, dropship suppliers, agents and individuals involved in online businesses are among those who are eligible to pay a business tithe, says the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP).

Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council Zakat Collection Centre (PPZ-MAIWP) Dakwah Zakat assistant general manager Khairul Azhar Samsudin said small traders need to fulfill this obligation and make the payment at the PPZ-MAIWP office if the conditions and nisab (over-threshold figure) are sufficient.

“During this pandemic period, we can see that among the sectors or industries that have profited are those involved in online businesses,” he said in an interview session entitled ‘‘Zakat Mengisi Perut Orang Lain’ (Tithes Help Others) via Google Meet.

Khairul Azhar said the business tithe is different from an income or personal tithe because those who are obliged to pay will be given a tax rebate and it is enshrined in the Income Tax Act 1967.

“The advantage for those who pay business tithe is that the tithe amount is limited to 2.5 per cent of a company’s aggregate income,” he said.

Khairul Azhar added that companies that have a joint venture ownership with non-Muslims need to pay according to the ownership breakdown for the Muslim partners only.

“For example, in company A there are two shareholders Abu and Ah Chong, they have 50 per cent equity in the company. The tithe in this business is calculated on Abu’s share only, which is 50 per cent as we do not take into account Ah Chong’s share because the obligatory condition only applies to Muslims,” he said.

As such, Khairul Azhar called on the public who are eligible to pay business tithe to carry out their responsibilities as this would help spur economic activities.

He added tithe recipients would receive various assistance including business support schemes which would help them and their families and at the same time contribute to the national economy.

On Nov 15, PPZ-MAIWP launched the YEZ Zakat Year End campaign aimed at getting the public to expedite their zakat obligation by Dec 31, to qualify for the 2021 assessment income tax rebate and enjoy over 1,200 attractive prizes.- Bernama

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