KUANTAN: Pahang PKR Youth is threatening to field a candidate against Bilut assemblyman Lee Chin Chen over his call for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to step down as Opposition leader.

The chapter’s leadership council said the DAP assemblyman’s call for Anwar’s withdrawal due to the coalition’s loss in the recent Melaka state election was absurd.

“He placed the full burden on Anwar for Pakatan Harapan’s defeat without presenting any post-mortem based on data and scientific facts.

“Despite being given a period to withdraw the statement, the Bilut assemblyman still insists on defending it even though such matters can be discussed through a consensus space in the Pakatan presidential council, which convenes every month,” the chapter’s leadership council said in a statement.

Lee, who is the Pahang Opposition leader, claimed that Anwar had failed to lead the Opposition bloc during the state election and called on him to step down so that Pakatan could choose a new successor.

He said if there was no hope for the Pakatan leadership to make changes, the top leaders of DAP must consider withdrawing from the alliance and find other ways to cooperate with each other.

The leadership council also issued a comprehensive call to the ranks of the PKR Youth wing to suspend any cooperation in matters related to the Bilut assemblyman for the time being.

“We are also prepared to field a candidate from the Pahang PKR Youth wing wherever he will contest in the next general election as a protest against the arrogance of the Bilut assemblyman if he is still stubborn and does not retract his statement,” it said.

Lee’s remarks also drew condemnation from the Pahang PKR leadership council, which said that only the Pakatan presidential council could determine Anwar’s position as the coalition’s chairman and Opposition leader.

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