Swedish electric vehicle brand and relative newcomer, Polestar plans to take on Porsche as its main rival, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath told auto motor und sport.

That is among Polestar’s objectives in five years’ time, at least, when the brand’s product range will consist of four or five models by that time, Ingenlath told the publication. “We are competing with Porsche for [having] the best electrically powered premium sports car, and hopefully we have come a lot closer to our vision of CO2 neutrality, the Polestar CEO said.

Polestar will have that objective in its sights as it goes on its way to producing a climate-neutral car – the Polestar Project 0 – by 2030, and its stamping out of carbon emissions also extends to the production process before the finished vehicle has even turned a wheel.

Given its all-electric drive product positioning, Polestar is inevitably compared to Tesla. Ingenlath tells auto motor und sport that Polestar’s design is better because the latter “appears more independent, with more character”, packs a more intuitive human-machine interface operating concept, and the company’s background means it is highly experienced in producing high-quality automobiles.

Ingenlath is confident Polestar compares favourably against Tesla, with Porsche in its sights in a few years’ time

What about other competitors in the premium EV segment other than Tesla, such as the BMW i4, which will be occupying similar market space? Ingenlath sees no reason to fear, “especially in the premium segment” because that is where he foresees Polestar to score conquest sales. “Many drivers of combustion models will change in the near future. This results in a huge pool of prospects for us,” he told the publication.

At present, Polestar imports its vehicles into the German market by ship, which isn’t the most environmentally friendly in terms of CO2 emissions, however initial, remedial steps to be taken by the brand is to transport its vehicles into Germany by rail in the future, says Ingenlath.

The long-term plan is not to manufacture exclusively out of China, he says, adding that “if our sales volume continues to grow like this, I am confident that we will be able to use our production network and that we will also be able to manufacture in one of the Volvo plants in Europe in the future,” Ingenlath added.

Future Polestar production sites will also include South Carolina, United States for the Polestar 3, which will be destined for American customers. Meanwhile, its future product line will also include the Polestar 4 and Polestar 5, which are planned for debuts by 2024.

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