KUALA LUMPUR: Police are investigating the recent odour pollution incident at Kampung Sungai Rinching Tengah, Semenyih as a case of mischief after foam was detected in the water there.

Deputy Sepang OCPD Supt Md Noor Aehawan Mohamed said the case has been classified under Section 430 of the Penal Code as mischief by causing a diminution in water supply.

A complainant from Air Selangor lodged a report on Thursday (Dec 16), he added.

“According to the report, the complainant claimed to have received information about odour with a five threshold odour number (TON) level.

“The complainant also claimed to have detected pollution at the water inlet to Sungai Semenyih,” he said when contacted on Friday (Dec 17).

He said investigations were carried out by Air Selangor, the Selangor Water Management Authority (Luas), Environment Department and National Water Services Commission (SPAN) at the suspected source of pollution, believed to be a factory.

“Thorough checks at the location revealed an underground channel but a premises check did not lead to the source of the channel.

“The Selangor police forensic unit has taken five water samples at the channel as well as the water treatment plant.

“Samples were also taken from the factory,” he said, adding that all the samples were sent to the Chemistry Department for analysis.

He said police also took statements from the complainant and the factory owner.

It was reported that odour pollution and foam in the water detected at Kampung Sungai Rinching Tengah caused water supply disruption to 463 areas in Selangor and Putrajaya.

Selangor tourism and environment committee chairman Hee Loy Sian said an initial investigation by LUAS found foam at 8.45am on Dec 15 in Sungai Rinching, a river tributary of Sungai Semenyih.

“A more detailed investigation is being carried out. We have Kajang Municipal Council and the Environment Department doing the necessary inspection.

“The outcome of the initial investigations pointed to a flow of water from a drain outlet near a factory close to Kesuma Beranang Phase 7,” he said.

Operations at the Sungai Semenyih water treatment plant had to cease as a result of the odour pollution, affecting Sepang (194 areas), Petaling (172), Hulu Langat (54), Putrajaya (23) and Kuala Langat (20).

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