Imagine a vast desert full of submerged secrets just waiting to be discovered. “Sable” offers just that. A huge open game world full of things to discover, full of puzzles and a bunch of exciting characters.

And, as the name suggests: endless landscapes of sand.

We accompany the young protagonist Sable on a kind of journey of self-discovery, a spiritually significant tradition of her nomadic tribe that sees her take a high-tech glider out into the depths of the desert.

The goal: Sable needs to build up a kind of relationship with her glider, to get to know it, to care for it, to upgrade it. It’s not unlike a cowboy and his faithful horse. But “Sable” offers more.

You can explore the open game world, experience adventures, get to know other characters and learn more and more about the world, its inhabitants and also your own character.

The journey takes you through a world designed in a harmonious mixture of Japanese and French animation. Stony desert plains alternate with deep valleys.

Again and again, Sable encounters spaceship wrecks and other traces of an eventful past. Dialogues with other characters take place in text form, and bit by bit you discover the history of this world through small and larger quests.

The adventure of a young woman’s test of maturity by developer Shedworks and publisher Raw Fury is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox for US$25 (RM105). – dpa

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