ON Sunday, Starship Entertainment released a statement revealing that a woman had trespassed into the agency’s building in Seoul, and “made physical contact” with a member of K-pop group CRAVITY, while the nine-member group was waiting for a scheduled event.

According to the statement, the group’s manager immediately contacted the police. When the police arrived and told the woman to leave, she did not comply and continued to cause a disturbance in front of the building. The woman is currently under investigation.

The agency’s statement reiterated that visits to the agency building or artistes’ living accommodations are strictly prohibited, and that future incidents will be “strictly punished”.

The shocking incident raised questions about the building’s security, and whether or not K-pop artistes are being adequately protected by their talent agencies.

On an online community forum, netizens discussed the incident and expressed their shock over the news. While the member of CRAVITY who was accosted remained unnamed, netizens were concerned that it may have involved one of the group’s four members who are minors.

Some of the comments said:

“I just looked them up and it looks like the oldest was born in ‘99 and the youngest is ‘03? Are they crazy?”

“Okay, this is serious but also what if they had some kind of weapon? Why was security so lenient?”

“I don’t like how they publicised the identity of this group. They are legitimate victims. They should have at least kept the group name anonymous.”

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