A woman in Seremban recently went viral due to her resemblance to Squid Game’s Player 212 Han Mi-nyeo, portrayed by actress Kim Joo-ryoung.

In a video posted by @amein_nur_iman, her colleague Atty held a star-shaped cut-out and mimicked Han’s pose in a scene where she eats a piece of dalgona candy after completing one of the game tasks.

“When your [colleague joined] Squid Game as Player 212,“ the caption reads.

According to Says, the 11-second long video went viral with over 3.9 million views within four days.

Atty’s uncanny resemblance also caught the attention of the actress Kim Joo-ryoung who reposted the video on her own account. Atty said she did not expect the actress to repost the video because she made the video with her colleague for fun.

It all started when Atty’s boss realised that Player 212 looked oddly similar to Atty from her expression to her loudness.

“The next day, he asked all the staff in the office who had watched the show and everyone agreed (that we look alike). My boss was telling (me) that I should have seen all their shocked expressions upon realising (that I look like Player 212). It was like some sort of revelation,” said Atty in an email interview with Says.

“Bear in mind that I was on leave that day. When I was back the following day, everyone started making a ruckus. That was when I started to look at her pictures on the Internet and her Instagram and I found myself quite shocked too!”

When asked whether she likes Player 212 in the series, she responded, “Based on what everyone has told me, I don’t think I do.”

In Squid Game, Han Mi-nyeo is an antihero who’s neither good nor bad entirely. Due to her circumstances, the character is street smart, tough and can be brash.

However, Atty shared that she does share some similarities with the character. “My friends say the way I speak is loud like her. Hahaha,“ she said.

Since the video went viral, she said someone has come up to her at a petrol station to ask whether she was the Malaysian woman in the viral video.

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