In the episode ‘Beyond the Birkins’ on the Pass the Power with Paige Parker podcast, Singapore socialite Jamie Chua revealed a low point in her life after a high profile divorce battle with her multi-millionaire ex-husband, Indonesian tycoon Nurdian Cuaca, in 2010.

Paige Parker asked Chua whether she had to sell any of her Hermes bags during that time. Chua admitted that she had to sell some of her Birkin bags from her collection in order to have some money to feed her children.

She also shared that buying bags might be “one of the best investments” that she made, because these luxury bags still retain their value even when used.

According to Business Insider, Hermes Birkin bags can retail anywhere from US$9,000 (RM37,660) to US$500,000 (RM2.09 million) each.

Chua also said that the biggest misconception that others have about her is that everything she has is due to her high profile divorce,“ without realising that “the truth is that I’ve played a significant role in the success that we both accomplished with our business”.

She added: “People also don’t realise the trials and tribulations that we went through during the early years of our marriage, and even after our divorce I continued to work hard to enjoy the lifestyle I have today.”

The social media influencer and entrepreneur also owns her own beauty line.

She took the time to correct some misconceptions too on air. Chua said Cuaca was not a wealthy man when she met him. His immense fortune only came a decade later.

She also quashed rumours that she met her ex-husband on a flight while she was working as a flight attendant. “We met through a friend of his. I did not snag my passenger,” she explained.

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