Food is very important to Malaysians and we really make sure our food orders are right down to the type and amount of sauces.

Recently, a worker at a food stall got a headache when he received a long food order request and he posted it up on Tiktok for a little laugh at himself.

The customer wrote a long essay under the further request section. With much dedication, the poor worker had to go through each line carefully.

One of the requests was to make sure to ‘flood’ the rice with gravy (kuah) until the rice couldn’t be seen. If the worker failed to fulfill the order based on the strict criteria, the customer said they’ll never order from the shop again.

The next day, the worker waited for the customer to come pick up the food order but they didn’t turn up.

The woman recording the video laughed and said the customer probably became embarrassed after the worker read out the long request on Tiktok.

Both Tiktok videos amused many netizens online and they even offered equally hilarious advice to the worker.

“Bro, you have to sit with a highlighter and highlight each important ingredient. Have to properly study in case the customer throws a tantrum,” a netizen wrote.

“They really like the gravy (kuah) from your shop that’s why they repeated [the request] many times. Just give them the whole pot [of gravy],” another netizen commented.

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