American manufacturer Dell has presented a concept for a new type of mobile webcam, which can be placed wherever you want, according to your requirements and how you use it, thanks to an ingenious system of magnets. This webcam can be housed in its docking station or it can be positioned on a dedicated stand or on the surface of any screen.

Beyond the technological challenge, Dell’s Concept Pari is practical for organising a video conference that offers the best conditions to participants by facilitating the best viewing angles. The idea is to be able to film a videoconference in a different way, rather than with the webcam of one’s computer screen or a webcam placed high above a meeting screen.

The team at Dell set out to create a webcam with a revolutionary system when it comes to attaching it to a surface. Pari is a wireless camera, easy to connect and, above all, to move. It can be placed directly on (compatible) screens, in a docking station, on a stand intended for this purpose or simply held by a hand. And this flexibility allows it to quickly offer a multitude of different points of view.

The camera is relatively compact, very light (30g) and can broadcast images in high definition (1080p). It can be charged in a purpose-built dock and has a power indicator, which is useful for avoiding losing the image feed. The portable unit can be used at home or at work.

Dell also presented the Flow and Stanza concepts, respectively a docking station designed to wirelessly charge all office devices and a small, light and thin tablet for making handwritten notes or sketching.

While these are only prototypes at the moment, they probably hint at some of the innovations that Dell has in the works for professionals in the future. – AFP Relaxnews

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