Christmas is coming soon! It’s time to open up the storage boxes and set up the artificial tree in your living room to decorate and create new memories!

For this year, we suggest that you decorate your tree with fresh ideas to signify the new beginnings in life. Try something new, or have a Christmas Tree make-over!

If your budget doesn’t permit some of the more elaborate ideas, you can just add a few meaningful new items, such as DIY photo frames or handmade ornaments.

After all, your tree doesn’t have to look the same every year. Don’t be afraid to explore new trends, such as Nordic-style Christmas tree decorations.

Here are sonme of our suggestions that can hopefully inspire you to try something new with your Christmas tree decorations this year:

1. Animal-inspired ornaments

Animals have been favourite Christmas tree decorations in recent years. If you have a pet dog or cat, you can just pick up an ornament which looks just like your pet, or get a personalised version of your furry friends.

If you would like to venture into something different, you can choose to decorate with arctic or winter animals like squirrels, deer or polar bears, which better fit the snowy Christmas theme.

2. Handmade ornaments

Ornaments which are made by hand are especially memorable, whether made of clay, metal, paper or even crotchet. And there is no dearth of local craftsmen and artisans who can create some special pieces.

For instance Soo Wai Yan, founder of Evermore Flower, creates stunning paper rose and peonies flowers to decorate the tree. It’s just amazing to look at the pink flowers against green tree leaves.

You can also decorate the tree with clay ornaments, macrame or crochet, for an entirely different look this year.

3. Cartoon characters

This one is going to be a favourite with the children in your household. Apart from hanging up their favourite Santa Claus ornament, you can also hang up ornaments or figures of popular cartoon characters like Princess Elsa, Mickey Mouse and Lion King characters.

It would make for a fun and joyful time, especially if your young children are participating in tree decorating for the first time.

4. Superheroes

Wishing for a superhero to land on your doorstep instead of Santa Claus for Christmas? Wish no more. The superheroes can ‘land’ on your Christmas tree, instead!

Just pick a hero like Spider-Man or even Superman to adorn your superhero-themed Christmas tree. You can even just have one or two pieces, which is good enough to start a conversation with your guests about which superhero movie is their favourite.

5. Nostalgic ornaments

You can hang up photo frame ornaments, filled with iconic moments like the day your baby was born, your wedding day or even your favourite pet photographs or other nostalgic moments in life.

6. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables aren’t the first things one would think of for the Christmas tree. However, for the past few years, fruit and vegetable ornaments are growing in popularity.

7. Malaysian-inspired ornaments

Why not try to bring in a little bit of Malaysian traditions into your tree? You can put up flag ornaments, pieces of a Malaysian map or figures of local animals like the Malayan Tapir, a black and white animal species found largely in Peninsular Malaysia.

8. Bird ornaments

Malaysia is a tropical paradise for spectacular bird species, so why not select a bird ornament as a tribute to the distinctive bird species found in our forests, such as hornbills, kingfishers and eagles.

9. Retro and vintage ornaments

Call your grandmother and borrow one or two vintage bauble pieces to add to your existing collection. Classic green and red baubles can never go wrong, but don’t go overboard with the traditional Christmas colours.

10. Food ornaments

There are many types of food-themed ornaments one can choose from, but we suggest you choose ornaments based around family favourites or a dish which brings back the memory of someone you love. If not, pick some favourite desserts like ice-cream or cakes which are sure to be a hit with the children.

Lastly, add the twinkling LED lights to complete the look, and you are ready to celebrate Christmas 2021!

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