PETALING JAYA: Malaysia should have a credible early warning system for weather phenomena to alert everybody in time, says Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

The Alliance For Safe Community chairman said many parts of the country had seen unusual weather patterns over the last two days.

“There has been incessant rainfall which has caused flooding in places that were never affected previously.

“Households in many parts of the Klang Valley and other parts of the country were caught unaware and unprepared for continuous rainfall that has caused their houses to be flooded,” he said in a statement on Saturday (Dec 18).

Lee said several areas in Kuala Lumpur have been affected, with some cars being washed away by fast-flowing water that has turned “roadways into waterways”.

“Residents are now asking why they were not forewarned of the impending inclement weather by the Meteorological Department.

“The department issued a statement this afternoon, almost two days after the continuous rainfall and long after many people were affected.

“There are videos on social media of motorcyclists losing their balance and almost paying with their lives when water surged onto some roads.

“Why was the department late in sounding the alarm bell?” he questioned.

Lee said with the current challenges posed by Covid-19 and rising food prices, residents should not be caught flat-footed by predictable acts of nature.

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